Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Black Monk - human interaction

"While they were walking round, the sun rose and shed its brilliant rays over the garden. It became warm. Foreseeing a bright, joyous, and long day, Korvin remembered it was only the beginning of May, and that the whole summer lay before them, also bright, joyous, and long, and suddenly a gladsome, youthful feeling was aroused in his breast, like he used to have when running about the garden in his childhood. He embraced the old man and kissed him tenderly. They were both much affected as they went into the house, where they drank tea with cream out of old china cups, and ate rich satisfying cracknels- these trifles again reminded Korvin of his childhood and youth. The beautiful present and the memories that were aroused in him of the past were blended together; his soul was full and rejoiced." - Chekhov, Anton. The Black Monk. 1894.

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